Sunday, May 11, 2003

Ok, so I totally suck at this whole blogger thing. I know I promised to post something every day, but I have failed. I admit it, I am an awful blogger. After looking back on my previous posts, I noticed that quite a bit of time was devoted to social world. But I can proudly say that today I got final grade in that class. So that means that I never never ever have to go back to that class. THAT MAKES ME SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!! Tonite i am studying for my spanish final. I learned last week that if I do not make a good grade on this test then my possibly of going to Spain is in jeopardy. So I am going to study my butt off. Oh one good thing about today, is that I have cleaned my roon today. I am so glad it is clean. It has been a long time since I have seen my carpet. But back to the subject of studying, that is what I have to do now. So once again I apologize for my non blogging.