Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am feeling nostalgic so here is a list of a few of my favorite college memories:
  • Freshman year spent in Collins 5 North and my wonderful roomie, Carey
  • Kickboxing class freshman year and all those damn squats we had to do
  • "I mean you're pretty"
  • Going to Wild Country so much that they knew us by name
  • TKE keg parties freshman year when it was still kind of a novelty to be drunk
  • Sheena and my trip to San Marcos to visit Krista
  • My first semester in ADPi
  • Arlington Farms parties sophmore years
  • 151-G and the laundry detergerent paint job
  • Black Lights
  • Bringing home cheesecake after ADPi functions
  • Making cookies with a few key ingredience missing
  • Cool whip
  • Blowing off doing my homework to hang out in 151-G
  • Late night trips to Whataburger
  • All those weird movies Sam has made me watch
  • Race days with Robbie
  • Going to endless meeting that I never wanted to go to
  • Driving through Cameron Park late at night
  • Recruitment
  • The Unit in its glory days
  • And sooooooooo many more things I cant list them all. I cant believe I have a month left of my college times. That is crazy!! But it has been amazing, Thank you all!

Ok I am going to go cry now, Im sad!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So I have decided that I like making lists, therefore my blogger might become a series of lists about randomness until I am out of my list phase. Thus, a new topic.

The best part of Fall Parties (in no particular order)
  1. Three butt ass naked boys that ran down the hallway right when a party was getting out. YAY for streakers!!!
  2. The look on the president of Chi Omega's face as the boys ran by
  3. The old old old advisor for Chi-O that was really disappointed that she missed the nakedness
  4. Standing outside the Chi-O door timing their parties while desperately trying to make faces at my ADPi sisters as they were leading girls out of our party
  5. Hanging out with Mel, Shannon, Bekah, and Morgan in the hallway while else was smiling and chatting it up in the room. Rho Chi=best job ever!
  6. The excitement that everyone had when they saw me when I snuck in the ADPi room during lunch
  7. The big hug Tessica gave me when she saw me both when I snuck in and when I came in when it was all over
  8. Breaking the silly no contact rules for us panhell peeps
  9. The PNMs that were dancing to our songs as they were leaving our room
  10. The fact that ADPi s from all over the state came to help and show their support for Zeta Chi
  11. Getting to see Alison and Kelsi again since I haven't seen them in like forever
  12. Having a ride in the morning so that I didnt have to attempt to park (Thanks Robbie!)
  13. The best part about Fall parties is that they are OVER!!

Seriously though folks, ADPi rocked the house. I am super jazzed about recruitment for my sisters!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

First job: I was a lifeguard the summer after my freshman year of HS
First screen name: Ashley5381 (the numbers were randomnly chosen)
First funeral: A girl at my church died of cancer when I was like 10
First piercing/tattoo: ears when I was really young and I have no tatoos
First credit card: when I went off to Baylor
First Kiss: umm I’m not really sure
First one that mattered: next question please….
First enemy: I don’t think I have ever had an enemy, but if I think of one I will let you know
First big trip: I went to Disney World when I was 4 and I lost my first tooth there so that was cool.
First concert: do concerts at the rodeo count? But the first concert I went to without my parents was Sugar Ray and Everlast
First musician you remember hearing in your house: I have no idea, but it was probably country

Last car ride: Last night on the way back from Ninfa’s after Fall Parties
Last kiss: so long ago that I cant even remember
Last library book checked out: Im not sure I have ever checked a book out, I ususally just buy books
Last movie watched: Sandlot on TV today.
Last beverage drunk: Dr. Pepper
Last food consumed: Mac and Cheese
Last phone call: Robbie called to see if I had eaten dinner yet
Last time showered: last nightLast CD played: a mix I have in my car
Last annoyance: Standing outside the Chi Omega door and knocking on it every 10 minutes for 8 hours
Last soda drank: right now...still dr pepper
Last ice cream eaten: I don’t like ice cream so it has been a while
Last time scolded: my Dad was pissed at me on Friday because I am not picking the dogs up from the boarding place
Last shirt worn: I am wearing a white shirt right now, does that count?
Last website visited: NASCAR to see the race pictures

Single or Taken: very single
Sex: femaleBirthday: October 8, 1982
Sign: Libra
Siblings: one older brother
Hair color: umm I don’t know, reddish brown blonde
Eye color: green
Shoe size: 8, but I think my feet are shrinking

Wearing: red sweatpants and a white shirt
Drinking: yet again...some dr. pepper
Thinking about: why in the hell I am actually filling this out
Listening to: something about the Bachelor show on the E! channel

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Things that made me happy today
  1. Left over pizza and breadsticks
  2. Getting to wear my Steve Madden shoes to PAD
  3. Finding out that Mel is the new Alpha Chi president. (YAY MEL!!!)
  4. Bush's Ice tea
  5. Going to Casa Ole with K-Rad and the Little One and Pepe
  6. Yum my pepe
  7. Tess spitting beer out cause she was laughing so hard
  8. Having the giggles so much that everyone at the Casa thought we were drunk.
  9. Bud Light out of the bottle
  10. Dustin being the funniest waiter ever!
  11. Pineapple juice and Parrot Bay and the company of my girls
  12. Janae doing her Katie impression
  13. Talking to my Unit and getting to see her on Friday
  14. Romeo and Juliet being on TV
  15. Straightening my hair

Things that made me mad/sad today

  1. Waking up with a migraine
  2. Stupid guy who talked too long at PAD
  3. That Trey guy coming and trying to sell his services AGAIN at PAD
  4. The margarita machine being broken at the Casa
  5. For Paul and Tim being weird AGAIN
  6. The bitchy lady that was mean to Tess
  7. Stupid TSTC boys that make my sisters sad.
  8. Bryce and Clint making Kaylea sad.
  9. Stupid pop ads that I now get ALL the time.
  10. And I am still bitter about my lack of wireless internet.

Monday, November 08, 2004

So i feel like I should post something just to keep this stupid journal going. But honestly my life is pretty lame right now, so why should I bore you guys with all my lameness. Plus those people that actually read this already know whats going on in my life. But let me fill you in on a few things. Benjamin came over tonight to fix mine and my roomies computers, but that is after they kidnapped him and made him come over. Good job girls! He was able to get pretty much everything squared away except that my wireless card kicks everyone off the internet so I am going back to the old school and using an ethernet cord. So those of you who were at the apartment way back when, the duct tape down the hall is back. It is so ghetto, but my roommate Janae says that we just need to name the cord and then it will be cool. I should not be complaining internet with a cord is better than none at all. Plus it is super fast now that I am not stealing the wireless network from our neighbors. I guess thats all I have to say, so I will leave with the statement: Benjamin is my computer genius hero!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

i want to be loved... i want someone to take me by the hand and lead me when i can't see where i'm going... i want someone to cuddle with me when it's cold outside.. i want someone to think of me before they go to sleep each night... i want someone i can call when i get home just to tell them about my day... i want someone to make me smile-to make me laugh... i want someone to tell me everything will be alright when i'm stressed out... i want someone to know me-to know all of my idiosyncrasies: how i like my cheeseburgers, where things go in my room, and how i like my coffee... i want someone to look at me with his gorgeous eyes and make all my insecurities melt away... i want someone to leave me random notes telling me how much he loves me... i want someone to buy presents for-someone to spoil... i want someone to make me feel weak in the knees; i want him to give me butterflies... i want someone to challenge my beliefs; i want him to make me realize that i'm not always right... i want someone to play with my hair until i fall asleep in his arms... i want someone to go to football games with and kiss when we get a touchdown... i want someone to realize my inner beauty... i want someone to protect me when i'm scared, to love me when i'm me, and to lend me his jacket when i'm cold... i want someone to tell me i'm beautiful, and i want him to mean it... i want someone to understand me... i want someone to challenge me intellectually... i want someone to know everything about me; i want him to share everything about him with me... i want someone to love, and i want him to love me...

(I found this on a friend's journal, so I stole it. And she didnt write it and I dont know who did, but I think it is fabulous)

I think to be truly happy with someone, all these things must be present. Its like it is a reciepe for a happy relationship, if one of these things is missing then it wont be good.