Friday, May 29, 2009

OMG I Totally Forgot!

In my list yesterday I totally forgot to mention that:

I read all 4 books in the Twilight Saga. Yes that's right, all 4 books. And I loved every second of it! Becky, aren't you so proud!

I read the entire saga consecutively so it was like one long story for me. And it was awesome! I couldn't help but be enthralled by the story and the characters. I know some people are judgemental about the whole Twilight phenomenon (and I admit, I use to be one of those people), but seriously the books are very well written. The characters, plot, and the themes are highly developed and intense in every way. I consider myself well read (please note my sense of humbleness here! LOL!) and I am no longer ashamed to admit that I am a Twilight lover!

Like I said I read all 4 one-right-after-the-other so when the last book was over, it was tough. An old friend of mine told me that she thinks there needs to be a Help Line you can call when you finish the saga! I needed some emotional support when I knew that there would be no more to the story! I was completely wrapped up in it and when its over people need some reassurance that life will go on when there is no more Edward and Bella! HAHAHA!! :-)

At least I have the movies still to come! (But I bet the books are better than the movies!)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Long Time No Blog

There has been so much going on and nothing going on all at the same time that I haven't had the chance to catch up on this here bloggie.

So I must resort to a good ole bullet list to touch on the things that I haven't blogged about.
  • I am trying to buy a house. I am desperately trying to get out of apartment living but we will have to wait and see what is God's will on this matter. Keep my living situation in your prayers please!
  • I started teaching part-time at an after-school tutoring center. I love it but it is hard to get back in the swing of working a fixed schedule. Truly I love working with students, especially with students who are struggling academically and need help gaining confidence in their abilities.
  • I am still looking for a permanent job. Whether that be teaching in a classroom, working in the homes, or doing whatever it is that God leads me to. I am working on letting my control of this go. I know I have to trust in God's plan and I have faith in this plan. But in all honesty, I just want a little peek at his plan so I can relax about the future! ;-)
  • Best Friend Laura has moved her wedding location and date so it looks like in December I will be the Maid of Honor in a wedding in HAWAII! Whoohoo!! HAWAII!

I guess that is all for now. I am sorry for this supremely boring post and I accept the "World's Boringest Blogger" title with grace! ;-)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vegas Baby!

This past week Best Friend Robbie and I were in Las Vegas...and let me just tell you, I love me some Las Vegas! No seriously people, I LOVE VEGAS! I love everything about it: the hotels, the flashy-ness, the good food, the crazy people, the gambling, the crowds, the shows, the non-stop aspects, the shopping, the weather, and even all the general over-priced craziness that is Las Vegas.

The trip was awesome. I got to gamble and came home with even money. Anyone who has gambled knows that to come home with even money is a success. :-) We saw 2 Cirque De Soleil shows (Love and La Reve), ate way too much food, people watched, and did a lot of walking! (HAHAHA Robbie!) I loved every second of the trip! The only bad thing is that my pictures turned out HORRIBLE...hopefully Best Friend Robbie will send me his pictures.

We stayed at the Venetian. It was a beautiful hotel and the rooms were AMAZING. I would stay there again for sure (even if Robbie disagrees with me on this, I would stay there again even if they don't have a buffet).

I spent a lot of time at The Wynn. I love this hotel and it is a GREAT place to gamble. When I go back to Vegas (which is hopefully soon) I want to stay at The Wynn.
At Madame Tussuad's Wax Museum, I had to take a picture with my NASCAR boyfriend ;-)
And a picture with Snoop Dogg

Me and my golf buddy, Tiger.

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Long Lost Not Me! Monday Post

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It has been a long time since I did a Not Me! Monday! so I hope that I can get back into the swing of things!

First, I DID NOT neglect my blog for an entire week and I DO NOT have a TON of stuff to get caught up on. Also I DO NOT have to wait another week to catch up on those things because I am NOT going to Las Vegas tomorrow!

I DID NOT have these delivered to my house on Friday...

I am NOT ridiculously excited to ride these new toys!!

This week I DID NOT forget how to do simple division and have a third grader show me up, then proceed to to tell me that "I got served". And I DID NOT continue to secretly check his work with a calculator.

I DID NOT beg the nail salon to stay open late for me and my mom so that I could get my nails, toes, and eyebrows done before my trip, and I DID NOT have them paint dice on my big toes to be all theme-ish for Vegas!

I DID NOT begin the hellish process that is looking for a house to buy and I am NOT already tired of the whole thing after 1 day of "shopping". I am NOT desperately praying to God for him to lead me to the right house before I have to resign my apartment lease.
And finally I am NOT asking you fine folks in the Blogosphere to pray for me while I am traveling this week!

Monday, May 04, 2009

When The Sun Goes Down, We Be Groovin'

Last night I went to the Kenny Chesney concert with some friends. The weather prediction was dismal to say the least. I fully expected to be standing in mud in the pouring rain. But the weather was perfect! And as a nice bonus, there was a breeze that lowered the temp so much that you would never know it was a May night in Texas.

I love going to concerts as the sober one. It is so fun to sit and watch drunk people act a fool. We were sitting next to some characters. One lady was so drunk that she fell into the group in front of her before Kenny Chesney even started! The guy next to us was so inebriated that he told me his whole life story. I did not need to know that this guy is separated from his wife (who he was at the concert with) and that after 16 years and 2 kids they were breaking up. I mean seriously guy, TMI!

So moral of the story is that it was an awesome concert. :-) I attempted to get some good pictures but didn't get any good results! Oh well!