Saturday, July 16, 2011


Kara and Matthew,

I will never understand why God chose to take your sweet baby boy after only 8 short months. I will never understand why Jamesie had to have  a brain tumor. I will never understand why you had only 23 final days with him. I will never get the whys of the Lord.

I don’t know why these things happen, but I do know that your journey is a shining example of love and faith. I don’t know why you didn’t get to keep James, but I do know that his life meant something.

Through James people were shown what a life full of love, faith, hope, and courage really is. James fought, you fought for him, and your praised God through this storm.

I will never get the why, but I will continue to pray for y’all. I will never know why, but I will praise the Lord for getting to know James’ story.



If you want to read Jamesie’s story, please do so HERE.  Be on your knees for this sweet family. They are going through an unimaginable valley.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


There are very few people in my real life that know about my blog or if they do know that I blog they don't read it. I often ask myself why that is.

I think it is because this blog is a place to be very open and honest. In my every day I am a pretty private person and I don't really share my feelings or what I am going through.

I am afraid that if my "real" friends/family read this then they will see me differently or even treat me differently. They probably won't but in my head I will feel judged.

Right now I am facing they choice of whether to stay in anonymity or put my blog out there for all to read.

What is the right decision? I really don't know.