Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To Vlog or Not To Vlog, That Is The Question

I am thinking about adding the occasional vlog (video blog) to my blog. I actually made my first attempt at vlogging tonight. I uploaded it to YouTube, but not to here for some reason. I don't know why, but I am hesitant to put them on here.

So any thoughts? Vlog, yes or no? Lame or cool? Give me some thought peoples. And by peoples I mean all 2 of you who actually read this. Anyways, I digress....

I am a big fan of some "famous" vloggers on YouTube and I hate to stalk other peoples blogs or vlogs then not have one of my own. You know what I mean.... I think I am over-thinking this whole thing.

Well we will have to see how the vlog thing goes. Give me some feedback or thoughts. Who knows you may see my first vlog up in the next couple of days.

Wow this might go in the most random post hall of fame. Sorry for the randomness!

Love y'all! :-)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Song I Have Playing On Repeat

Matthew West
All The Broken Pieces

Did you feel, feel it break
From all the weight of your mistake?
You never knew how much it cost
Feels like your innocence is lost

So much for the perfect life
So much for the perfect day
It's like no matter how you try
Perfection's just too far away

So lift them up to Me
All the broken pieces
All the broken pieces of your life

To Me
All the broken pieces
All the broken pieces of your life

Did you hear what I said?
Did you read the words I wrote down in red?
I was broken once for you
And no one loves you like I do

And that's the beauty of this grace
It can put the pieces back in place

And shine reflections of forgiveness
In a million different ways

'Cause I can take even your greatest mistake
Every scar, every tear, every break
And I can turn it into something
More beautiful than you have ever seen

All your broken pieces
I'll put them back together, yeah
Are you broken, are you broken?

Just lift them up to Me
All the broken pieces
Give all the broken pieces of your life

Lift them up to Me
Let Me carry you
I will take your pieces
And put them back together
Dear Lord,
Take all my broken pieces. Only You can carry their weight and turn them into something new. Help me to seek You and not search for perfection. Lord, show me Your grace. The grace that I deserve. The grace that You give without question. Let Your love shine through me.
In Your Holy name I pray.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Week

So I am finally over the flu. I was out of work for 4 days and my first day back was Thursday. I was so happy to go back, I really missed all my kiddos. And I am happy to say that they missed me too! I have never gotten so many hugs in one day. :-)

That flu really kicked my butt and I am really glad to be rid of it. I hope no one I know gets it! Thankfully I didn't give it to anyone....I don't think! ;-)

Tomorrow starts a new week and I am looking forward to it. Its gonna be a busy one but being busy is good.

I guess that is all I have. Have a blessed week y'all!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Well it's official

I have the flu.

Type A Flu to be exact.

This is horrible timing. I have David Crowder Band tickets for tonight, and now I'm gonna miss it!

Pardon my language but this is super sucko!