Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Alright my goal for this bloggerr is to post something every day. So I went to a Spain Study Aboard meeting today and I got the address of the house I am gonna be staying at. That is so weird. I guess it is for real now, I am going to spend a WHOLE month in Spain. That is super exciting!! I am cant wait to go, screw finals I'm going to Spain. Seriously though now that today is over, only 4 more days of class. That is fabulous. Next week is going to be PARTY TIME!! Well partying until wednesday since I have a fianl on thursday. I would just like to say for the public to know, I really dont like basketball, I have been watching it tonite with Sam, and I have to say that it is kinda boring. I guess that might be because we watched the Lakers KILL Minnesota. I would be embarrassed if I were from Minnesota right now. HAHA that sucks for my brother. Ok I have to go eat dinner now. I hope the boys have some food.

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