Sunday, September 12, 2004

Ok I have a funny story... Well atleast I think it is funny. So its Thursday night Robbie, myself, and my roomie Janae are just chilling at my house, and all of the sudden out of the kitchen appears a big cricket. I of course am freaking out, me and bugs not friends, but my roommate the hero quickly steps in and kills our friend the cricket with Robbie's shoe. However when she crushes the nasty little creature it makes the worst skin crawling sound. I have never heard a sound like that at the death of a bug. Janae with that sound made the most horrible face and I thought maybe she was going to throw up on our kitchen floor. It was seriously funny watching this scene, Robbie and I were cracking up. Janae cleaned up the mess and handed Robbie his shoe back, and I thought that would be the end of the story. But no, there was a cricket leg stuck on the shoe that would come into play later in the night. I will not bore you anymore with my story but lets just say the night ended with people getting frebreezed to rid them of cricket juice and me and my roommates standing on top of the couch.

Oh and then I found five dollars!!

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