Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blogging From The Tanning Bed

Is it weird that I really am typing this from the tanning bed? I hope not! ;-)

I have been meaning to post something for a while now and this moment seemed like a good time. There has been so much going on lately that I'm going take any chance I get to blog and read other people's blog.

And I will be honest, I have been cheating on blogger/blogging with Vlogs on YouTube. I am hopelessly addicted to a couple of daily vloggers. Y'all should check out the Shaytards and Charles Trippy....seriously so funny.

On an unrelated note I am really sweating in here! I'm ready for my time to be over! One of the reasons I am tanning is because I am in a wedding in December! IN HAWAII!! Woohoo!

Alright I'm done baking, off to work now!
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