Wednesday, December 30, 2009

True Story

Preface: After leaving my part-time job today, I decide I will go tan at the tanning salon. I told myself driving in the parking lot, "Self only tan in the level 1, you are out of upgrades. And you can't afford any more." I repeated this over and over.

Now on to the real story....

Tanning Boy: Hi welcome to (the place where I tan).

Me: Hi. (I hand over my scan card thing and scan my fingerprint)

Tanning Boy: Would you like to purchase any upgrades today, I see you're out?

Me: Umm.......

Tanning Boy: Level 3, 4 and 5 beds have new bulbs

Me: Ok you talked me into it. (I proceed to hand over my credit card)

Tanning Boy: Great, level 4 room 10 is all ready for you.

WHAT JUST HAPPENED?! I am such a sucker. I have ZERO self-control! All someone has to do is dangle something in my face and I pay up.

I tell you what though, I do love me some new bulbs. And the level 4 bed is my favorite. Yes, that is how I will rationalize this in my head. It is all worth it to be tan.....right?

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