Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stream of Randomness

I have started using Windows Live Writer to blog and I LOVE IT!! It definitely easy to use and it makes formatting so much easier than using Blogger.

I just moved. I didn’t tell ya’ll that. Yep I moved…again. I usually move about every 2 years but it had only been a year since my last move this time. Oh well, I love my new place. I am getting to be quite the moving expert.

My first summer off as a teacher has been a rousing success. I am a HUGE fan of any job that wants to pay me to have 2 months off. I look forward to many more summers off. But along the lines of summer is that I wish we could take some time off when it wasn’t so dang hot…maybe like have October off and June off….yeah I like that idea.

I have been without cable TV for over a week, and I am kind of getting use to not having it. Kind of…..

I am leaving for a trip in a couple of days and I have already packed my suitcase mentally but not physically…is that weird?

Teaching abroad has become a recent idea for me. I have begun skimming the surface about this notion. I would LOVE to go somewhere that I could practice my Spanish. (No worries Pick, I am just toying with the idea)

I saw Twilight Saga: Eclipse and it was awesome. Definitely my favorite of the Twilight movies.

I am beginning to come to terms with my social networking addiction. I am realizing that I spend entirely too much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. It’s a problem for real y’all.

I guess that’s it for now.

Ok I lied, I just thought of something else. If there is anything that anyone out there is in need of prayer about please let me know. I am trying to become a better prayer warrior so I would be thrilled to lift the blogosphere up in prayer. Even if it is just to pray for someone’s unspoken prayer request. Just leave me a comment.


Honor Baldry said...


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It might help you consider your options.

Good luck!

Maria Mcclain said...
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