Sunday, September 12, 2010

Life Updates in a Bulleted List

  • The new school year has started
  • I love my new group of 3rd graders
  • I love teaching math…..I’m still in shock over that one
  • I cut my hair really short
  • My second job makes me tired
  • I am the student council sponsor
  • My purse got stolen
  • Pawpaw turned 80
  • My brother moved home
  • My friends are amazing
  • I need to plan my next trip/make more travel plans
  • I am fully aware that I am a bad blogger
  • Twitter is my latest obsession
  • It is less than a month until my birthday

1 comment:

The Branches said...

I want to see your hair woman! I guess I need to check the Twitter since that is where you are at and obviously I may have missed it b/c it's BLOCKED at work! boo! You have been busy! These days are crazy! And happy early B-day :)