Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taken Advantage Of

I made the decision to consult with a new RE (reproductive endocrinologist) not because I think this new doctor will give me a new diagnosis, but rather because I have lost faith that my old/current RE is keeping my best interest at heart.

To say that I am frustrated would be an understatement. I am upset and I feel like they took advantage of me. I was never one of those patients to call a ton, complain, and push them, well apparently that meant they could push my needs off. They made decisions without consulting me and would go weeks without returning my calls.

Switching to a new clinic at this point is that LAST thing that I wanted, but I have no faith in my old clinic. It makes me sad, I loved the doctor but his staff was horrible.

I hate this feeling. On top of everything that I am going through I have to add on the stress of switching and feeling taken advantage of.

Oh the frustration! I just want this all to be over. I hate endometriosis, I hate tumors, I hate cancer antigens, and I hate it when people don’t do their jobs.

Please pray that I feel peace with this new doctor and new clinic. I am searching for God’s will and I am struggling making sense of it all.

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