Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ashley, your over-educated pizza girl

I have just finished my ridiculously-bad-for-me-but-fantastically-tasty lunch of pizza. And on my pizza box there is an advertisement for jobs at the pizza place. They are offering $12-$16 an hour. So I am thinking that since I am apparently unhireable that I may your next pizza delivery girl.

Can't you see me knocking on doors and handing over pizzas for a $2 tip. Yep, my $100,000 education would be served well working at my local Papa Johns. Wouldn't you be proud Pick?!

I am only kidding of course, but I do need a part-time job desperately. I have had a really hard time finding someone willing to hire me. I think I just look too expensive on paper. I'm not, I swear! My only requirements are that the job pay me in US dollars.

Please pray that I find the right job opportunity soon or I really might have to be the pizza delivery girl.

Prayer Requests:
- I find a job
- The FOP blog scam quiets down
- For the scammers that orchestrated the FOP scam
- Daddy and Brian get to and back from Dallas safely
- School year gets off to a good start for teachers and students
- My 2 interviews go well this week

1 comment:

Natalie said...

Good luck -- I'm doing the job hunt thing right now and I'm just not a fan! Not a fan!

Be careful with your starting salary thought -- I took a low paying job out of college and now I'm trying to move up and they all want a salary history. When they see my low salary, they automatically assume I'm not qualified. Drives me crazy!