Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Updates and Random Blurbs

Edouard was all hype and no bite. Oh well...we were prepared.

1 more day left of summer school!!! I am SO ready for school to be over. I am contemplating dropping my 2 classes I am registered for in the Fall since they aren't needed. That would mean I only had my internship to deal with. The thought of being done with classes makes me very happy!

I really want to buy a dirt bike or a sewing machine. I should probably go with the sewing machine... it would be way cheaper. I need a hobby....besides blogs and blogging. :)

Health insurance makes me crazy and stressed out.

I love that teachers are so giving and put their resources and ideas on the internet for us newbies to use. I don't know many other careers where professionals will freely give their ideas and tricks to others. I am off to finish my classroom management plan.

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