Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Observations from my day as a Houston commuter

  1. Getting up at 6am sucks, no matter how much sleep you got.
  2. If you have to drive past a high school before the first bell you can add at least 20 minutes to your commute time.
  3. Sometimes getting out of the suburbs takes the longest time.
  4. The DJs during the 7 am hour on the morning radio shows aren't funny because they are in an awful song-traffic report- song- traffic report pattern.
  5. You should have a city of Houston freeway map memorized in order to understand the traffic reports.
  6. Traffic reporters shouldn't start a report with a sigh or a grunt. That doesn't make the drive very positive.
  7. It is unnecessary to have flashing signs reminding us it is hurricane season. Trust me, we know.
  8. You should always reflect on your morning drive during your work training meetings so your blog post is done when you get home.

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