Sunday, September 28, 2008

Two T-Shirt Weekend

I had a fairly eventful weekend this week. It was in fact a two t-shirt weekend, let me explain.

I volunteered at the Veggie Tales live show that was being held at Sugar Creek Baptist Church. The Veggie Tales are an awesome christian program for kids. The local christian radio station was in need of volunteers so I signed up to help in any way I could. At first I handed out program flyers to all the parents and children as they were entering the sanctuary, and this was so much fun. I got to see how excited these little kids were to see Bob and Larry. I never would have guessed how happy a giant tomato and cucumber could make children. Then I watched a little of the show before heading to help at the merchandise table. Man, did those parents buy a lot of stuff for their kids. We sold out of almost everything. At the end of the night the merchandise guy gave me a CD of Veggie Tales songs and a free t-shirt. The whole night was tons of fun and I was glad I got to help out. That was free t-shirt #1.

I have been wanting to get re-certified in my CPR training, and my friend Amber found online that Methodist Hospital and the Red Cross were doing a CPR/AED training day for only $10. I thought that was super cheap so we signed up. So I spent my Saturday afternoon doing CPR compressions on a dummy and learning how to properly shock peoples' hearts. (FYI- they changed the CPR compression ratio to 30 compressions for every 2 rescue breaths, and man you get really tired. Also they changed the location of where to properly thrust someone when they are choking.) Anyways, after all my CPR practice and passing my test I was once again a certified CPR giver. And then on our way out they gave us a goody bag with a free t-shirt in it! That made it the second t-shirt of the weekend.

I love t-shirts and I love them even more when they are FREE! I am in need of t-shirts that do not have sorority or fraternity letters on them, or some sort of Greek function on them; while I love my sorority I feel I am a little too old to be wearing date dash and crush t-shirts. But I am not too old however to sport my pink Veggie Tales t-shirt or my Methodist Hospital Community Heart Day t-shirt!

As well as my 2 t-shirt weekend, I was suppose to have my phone interview with Teach for America tonight at 10:50 pm central time. But it is now 11:26 pm and I have yet to receive a call. It is very strange because in all my other dealings with Teach for America they have been super punctual and on top of things. Oh well, I will just email them and reschedule like the website says to do or who knows maybe they will still call. They are lucky I am a night owl or I would be mad.

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