Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A No Good Very Bad Day

Ok well it hasn't necessarily been a bad day, but more of a self depreciating pity party kind of day.

I'm so beyond ready to have a job. A real job in my field. I'm ready to get my career started. Its not too much to ask, in my opinion, to want a job. I'm starting to feel useless and its a horrible feeling.

I'm stuck in this holding pattern. I'm ready to start my real life!

I know I need to trust in God's plan and give my job search to Him. But honestly its hard. I have faith but it is the truly letting it go part that I have trouble with. And it is the part where I give the control to God and then need be content in where I'm at, that gives me issues.

Please pray that I get some peace about this and I am able to give it all to God.

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