Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blackberry, aka Crackberry

I have reserved judgment on our president-elect. But I will admit that I did not vote for Obama. However my feelings towards our nation's new president may be changing.

Today I read on that Presidet-elect Obama is fighting with the lawyers and secret service about giving up his Blackberry during his term(s) as president. Apparently Mr. Obama is nursing a pretty serious Crackberry habit and doesn't think he should have to give that up.

I have to respect the man that: 1) he admits his deep affection for his Blackberry and 2) wants to hold onto just a piece of his former "normal" life. I, too, am addicted to my Crackberry so I can sympathize with the president.

I say that President-elect Obama should keep fighting for his inalienable right to feed his Crackberry addiction.

The Obama Blackberry should be welcome in the White House just like everything else!

Long live Blackberry addictions!
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