Monday, April 06, 2009

I Don't Even Know Where To Start!

Things have been busy lately and I am not even sure why. I guess its because I have been trying to get out and about more. I am such a homebody so I am really making attempts at pushing my boundaries. Between my Dad's birthday, road trips, engagements, baby showers, and regular life stuff my little bloggie here has been neglected but here is.......

A Little Life Overview:

I have hit the road to-
  • Huntsville/Navasota: to see the Texas Bluebonnets, reminisce with my Mom at her alma mater, get good country food, look at some cows, and have quality girl time with friends.
  • The Ranch: to check out the new gate; ventured into a small town hardware store on a Saturday and made a mental note not to do that again! (Yikes it was crowded)
  • Pearland: a friend from school's baby shower. While still in the Houston metro area, Pearland is still in an hour away so I count it as a road trip! HAHAHA! Houston is too big sometimes! :-)

Things I am looking forward to-

  • Buying my motorcycle: On the way back from the ranch my Dad and I stopped at a motorsports shop where I found a dirt bike that is perfect for me. I am so excited; I have been agonizing over which one to get, and this one is a great price and I can pick the color. I mean, seriously y'all, I can have a hot pink bike made for me! HOT PINK! LOVE IT!! I am going to order it this week, so maybe after Easter I can take it to the ranch!!!!
  • Going to Seattle: The weekend after Easter I am going to visit Best Friend Laura in Seattle. I am excited to go on a "real" trip and I have never been to Seattle well I have never been west of Las Vegas so this is a completely different part of the country for me to see! I haven't seen Best Friend Laura since my graduation in December so I am thrilled to just see her!

Praises for me and my loved ones-

  • Best Friend Laura got engaged this weekend! I helped a little with the planning and scheming so it was fun to know before she did! HAHA! I am so happy for her and Jeremy. I pray that God blesses their lives and marriage.
  • Daddy is another year older and we are blessed to have been able to celebrate his birthday. Love you Daddy!
  • I have been able to keep my house clean for 2 weeks. And while that doesn't sound like much but for me it is a total miracle! I am by no means a natural housekeeper and since I am single and live alone there is little motivation for me to keep things neat and tidy. :-) Character flaw, yes I know, but I am working on it. I am not going to catch me a husband with a messy house! ;-)

Prayer Request:

  • Jobs Jobs Jobs.... I am still looking for a job in my field. Tomorrow I go to a job fair so hopefully that could lead somewhere. I am so ready for a permanent job! (Not that I am not incredibly blessed and thankful for the job working for my Dad, but I want to use my education)

Whew....that was a lot of info.....anyone make it to the end?!

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Katie Kermeen Swisher said...

Are you from Pearland? I have good friends who grew up there, and have casual friends who still live there. Small world!