Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Seattle Photostory

If you go to Seattle you can:
Go to an Indian casino and come home with 22 cents

Take pretty pictures from a boat on a harbor cruise

Put your toes in the sand at Alki Beach

Take silly pictures with your best friend

Visit the very first ever Starbucks

Get lost in the crowds at Pike's Place Market

Support your BFF while she tries on wedding dresses

See Dory and Nemo at the Aquarium

Marvel at the views from the Space Needle

Drink a giant Icee while seeing 2 teeny bopper movies


Bethany said...

So much fun! I'd love to go to Chicago soon, just haven't made it there yet :) I love that you went to see Hannah Montana. I plan to see it eventually- your idea of going at 10:10 pm is great!! ;)

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