Friday, April 04, 2008

I wasted a hour of my life tonight... Tyra Banks duped me. I don't usually watch Tyra's talk show because frankly she annoys me, but tonight the rerun that was playing on the Oxygen channel caught my attention. It was about weight and how women get caught up in the number. And being that I am on a weight loss journey myself (I weighed yesterday- 28lbs down!) I was intrigued by the topic. At the beginning of the show Tyra said that she was going to reveal her current weight that was printed on her shirt covered with a sticker. Well I fell for it and watch the whole hour of lameness just waiting to see how much the ex-supermodel weighs.... come on... you know you all would want to know too.... but anyways in the last minute of the show she says alright here I go and she rips off the sticker.... and what does the shirt say........ "Screw the Scale".... what?.... are you kidding me! While I agree with the sentiment, it makes me angry that I wasted my hour just to say that I was tricked by Tyra Banks.

So thanks Tyra for getting my hopes all up and then just making me feel stupid in the end! :)

Good Night ya'll.... Keep praying for Tricia and her NEW CF FREE LUNGS!!!

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