Thursday, April 03, 2008

Its, 4:08am (Texas time) April 3, 2008 and Tricia is still in surgery getting her new lungs. Keep praying ya'll.

Her loving husband is still being vigilant in waiting as well as keeping all us readers posted. Check the blog address in the post below if you want to know more about:
how amazing Nate and Tricia are,
Cystic Fibrosis, lung transplant,
preemie babies,
or what it means to be a christian and trusting in God.

Dear Lord, please bring Tricia out of surgery and allow her recover with her new lungs so she can be a healthy mother for her baby. Please give peace and comfort to Nate and the family. And Lord, I pray that all the hundreds of thousands people who are following this story see you in this and if they don't know you, they will be saved by your grace after all learning from and witnessing the miracles 0f this story. In your name I pray.

Just for good measure,