Thursday, October 09, 2008

26 is starting off as the best year yet

So yesterday was my 26th birthday. Here is just a quick recap of the birthday festiviteis. First off on Tuesday, Amber kicked off the celebrations by bringing cupcakes to our class for my birthday. (Thank you Amber, you are so awesome and I love you for it!) In the afternoon I went to lunch with Robbie and had some awesome Mexican food, and then I was expecting a low key family evening, but I was in for more than I thought. My mom picked me up for dinner at their house, but we made a stop a local restaurant to pick up a to-go order. Again I was in for more than I expected.

We walked towards the back of the restaurant and in the private party room was my family and our closest family friends. Everyone yelled SURPRISE and I was in shock. I was completely 100% surprised. I had no idea that my family had been planning a surprise dinner party for me. I was so surprised and completely touched that I started crying. (Picture of my entry to come as soon as my uncle sends it to me)

I cannot believe that my family was able to pull off such a surprise. I have never had a surprise party before so I was completely overwhelmed. The whole night was amazing. It was awesome. It was fun filled. It was overflowing with love. The guest list was perfect and we all had a great evening. Everyone at the table is very important to me and my family and I am so lucky to have them all in my life. And even luckier that they were there to celebrate my birthday. The only thing missing was my grandparents, who couldn't make it because they were out of town for my cousin's wedding. So I will see them next weekend and I'm sure that party will be just as great.

After dinner I went to my parent's house where they showered me with gifts and we ate cookie cake. Seriously the whole night was perfect. I am truly blessed by the people in my life. I am a lucky girl. I thank God for all the blessings he gives me, my family, and friends.

If this next year of my life is as awesome as my birthday I am in for one heck of a year.

Thank you to all those people who made my birthday so special. I love you all so much!

Life is good.
God is good.

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