Sunday, October 26, 2008

Divine Inspiration In An Unlikely Place

Excerpt from LOUDER THAN WORDS, by Jenny McCarthy

"Looking back, I'm amazed at the strength it took for me to put one foot in front
of the other, but I did. Day after day. Instead of getting mad at God, like I'm
sure a lot of people do, I decided to make Him my buddy in this. I remember
saying to Him around this time, 'God, I know you gave me an autistic son for a
reason. I know I'm supposed to do something with this, and I don't quite know
what it is yet, but I need you to help me out. I need to be always pointed in
the right direction. I need the messages to be loud and clear so that I can
serve my purpose in your calling.' " (Pg. 90)

When I sat down to read this book, I did not expect to receive a lesson in faith. I didn't know much about Jenny McCarthy and honestly, I certainly didn't expect her to be a person of such faith and devotion. In this book she talks about the beginning of her journey with her son's diagnosis with Autism.

As the quote excerpt points out, when she was faced with a huge challenge and uncertainity she gave it to God and decided to trust Him completely in his purpose. She leaned on him for support and guidance. I like to think that I would do the same thing, but I can't honestly say that I know what I would do. I do not doubt that everything is a part of God's plan and I can do anything through Him, but I don't know that in the face of a great challenge or hardship that I wouldn't get angry or question God. So I am going to take away from this lesson that Jenny McCarthy taught me, and try to remember that no matter what is dealt our way we have to make God our buddy in all of it and trust that He will lead us out of the bad times. All we can do is learn and grow from faith in God and His plan for our life.

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Heidi @ GGIP said...

I have heard several different takes on this book. Maybe I will read it sometime. I like reading people's real life stories because they are real and it is what they experienced. Thanks for sharing the quote.