Thursday, November 11, 2004

Things that made me happy today
  1. Left over pizza and breadsticks
  2. Getting to wear my Steve Madden shoes to PAD
  3. Finding out that Mel is the new Alpha Chi president. (YAY MEL!!!)
  4. Bush's Ice tea
  5. Going to Casa Ole with K-Rad and the Little One and Pepe
  6. Yum my pepe
  7. Tess spitting beer out cause she was laughing so hard
  8. Having the giggles so much that everyone at the Casa thought we were drunk.
  9. Bud Light out of the bottle
  10. Dustin being the funniest waiter ever!
  11. Pineapple juice and Parrot Bay and the company of my girls
  12. Janae doing her Katie impression
  13. Talking to my Unit and getting to see her on Friday
  14. Romeo and Juliet being on TV
  15. Straightening my hair

Things that made me mad/sad today

  1. Waking up with a migraine
  2. Stupid guy who talked too long at PAD
  3. That Trey guy coming and trying to sell his services AGAIN at PAD
  4. The margarita machine being broken at the Casa
  5. For Paul and Tim being weird AGAIN
  6. The bitchy lady that was mean to Tess
  7. Stupid TSTC boys that make my sisters sad.
  8. Bryce and Clint making Kaylea sad.
  9. Stupid pop ads that I now get ALL the time.
  10. And I am still bitter about my lack of wireless internet.

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