Tuesday, November 16, 2004

So I have decided that I like making lists, therefore my blogger might become a series of lists about randomness until I am out of my list phase. Thus, a new topic.

The best part of Fall Parties (in no particular order)
  1. Three butt ass naked boys that ran down the hallway right when a party was getting out. YAY for streakers!!!
  2. The look on the president of Chi Omega's face as the boys ran by
  3. The old old old advisor for Chi-O that was really disappointed that she missed the nakedness
  4. Standing outside the Chi-O door timing their parties while desperately trying to make faces at my ADPi sisters as they were leading girls out of our party
  5. Hanging out with Mel, Shannon, Bekah, and Morgan in the hallway while else was smiling and chatting it up in the room. Rho Chi=best job ever!
  6. The excitement that everyone had when they saw me when I snuck in the ADPi room during lunch
  7. The big hug Tessica gave me when she saw me both when I snuck in and when I came in when it was all over
  8. Breaking the silly no contact rules for us panhell peeps
  9. The PNMs that were dancing to our songs as they were leaving our room
  10. The fact that ADPi s from all over the state came to help and show their support for Zeta Chi
  11. Getting to see Alison and Kelsi again since I haven't seen them in like forever
  12. Having a ride in the morning so that I didnt have to attempt to park (Thanks Robbie!)
  13. The best part about Fall parties is that they are OVER!!

Seriously though folks, ADPi rocked the house. I am super jazzed about recruitment for my sisters!

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