Thursday, May 22, 2008

If you ever want to feel good about yourself make friends with a Kindergarten class. I went to visit my field experience class and those kids just made my day. They were so happy to see me and they just kept hugging me. One little girl kept telling me that I was beautiful, wow that brightened my day for sure. I was very lucky to be a part of a great class this semester and my mentor teacher was awesome too. I am really going to miss those kiddos.

But on another note, yesterday I was witness to a very disturbing full blown tantrum by one of those students. This was not a screaming crying typical bratty tantrum; this was a full on violent attack. The way this little boy was screaming and the things he was saying was very disturbing. I cannot imagine what made this little boy become so violent that he threw crayons, paper, and chairs. If you were witness to this scene you would know that he was exhibiting some very adult behaviors and saying very adult phrases. It makes me very sad to think about this child's home life. His home is clearly full of hateful words and actions. I hate to know that when I am a teacher I will have to be witness to destructive families and there will not be anything that I can really do about it.

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