Friday, May 09, 2008

It is funny how many people stumbled on my blog in search of Locks of Love. Well I hope if they are looking at my site they see how cool it is to chop your hair off for a good cause. :-) Oh and I don't want it to be deceiving because the picture looks weird but those braids are over 10 inches of hair. The picture makes the braids look short, but you have to have 10 inches to donate.

So I was watching qualifying at Darlington today and it made me nostalgic for when I went to the race there. It was the most fun I ever had at a race; Darlington is way better than Talladega and even better than Texas Motor Speedway (but I still think Lowe's Motor Speedway is my favorite, but that is just because I spent so much time there and it feels like home). I think I hold a special place in my heart for Darlington because I sat in the front row and got pelted with tire rubber all night. Doesn't sound like fun, but it was AWESOME. I even left the night with a bruise on my arm from the rubber hitting me. And then on the last lap, Kevin Harvick wrecks right in front of us. Yep, that makes the track worth visiting again.

Moral of this post, I wish I were at Darlington this weekend.

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