Thursday, May 29, 2008

It has been kind of a blah day. I have been just sort of out of it and not wanting to do anything. Boo! So basically I wasted my day and got nothing accomplished. I am house sitting next week as well as becoming the guardian of a 16 year old for the week. It is a surreal experience to think that someones care and well being is up to me. While this teenager is low maintenance and can take care of herself it is weird to know that she still would need my permission to go to the doctor or check out of school. I really do not feel that I am old enough to being making those kind of decisions. I am constantly being reminded that I am an adult, I mean my new teenage child (for the week) called me "Ma'am" today! What! That is wrong on so many levels!

I will have some stories to tell I'm sure about my adventures in parenting this next week.

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