Sunday, May 04, 2008

What a night! I was sitting on the couch minding my own business when the fire alarms starting going off. That is the scariest feeling in the whole world. I opened my front door and saw people running around so I figured it was the real deal. I run back in my apartment and I saw the cats running to avoid the noise so I grab my phone and purse and head outside. Turns out thankfully it was a false alarm, but it took the firemen coming back twice to get the alarms off. And as of right now we are back in the building but we have no working fire alarms. So if there is a real fire we have no way of knowing it. But tonight's activities have taught me some things:
  1. The fire alarms never go off when I am fully dressed and not in my pajamas
  2. If there was a real fire, I would most likely lose my cats which is very upsetting
  3. City of Houston fire department (Kingwood- HFD) SUCKS. They were in no hurry to get here and did even have the sirens on. So if it was a real fire then damage would have been heavy
  4. My apartment management needs to do something about the gate because the fire truck couldn't get in. That is a problem in my opinion.

On another note, Congratulations to Rick and Jenn for the birth of their beautiful daughter, Peyton Ryann.

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