Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh Relient K You Are My Favoritest

I was lucky enough to volunteer with KSBJ this weekend at the Toby Mac Winter Slam Concert. Kanda and I ran the prize wheel booth outside the concert from 2 until 7:15 then we got AWESOME tickets from the radio station to see the show! The whole experience was awesome; I love volunteering and I love Relient K...all in all it was a perfect night!
We are the cutest volunteers!

B.Reith is Christian music's Justin Timberlake, and he is a cutie :)

Family Force Five......Christian Death Metal....Who knew?

Relient K, I *heart* you....they played my 2 favorite songs. I was a happy girl!

*Sorry for the poor photography...I am still figuring out my new camera.

Ok so I know this video is completely lame and ridiculously short but it was my first attempt at shooting a video and uploading it here. So just grin and bear it y'all :)

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