Sunday, June 08, 2008

I just had a strange but proud thought.

I was in the laundry room starting a new load (its always good to have clean clothes on the first day of school) and then my cat, Chloe, came in to use her facilities (aka- litter box). As I am checking my jean pockets I heard Chloe start peeing. And I thought to myself, "aww that's my big girl going potty",and then I thought that was kind of a disturbing thought.

But after the struggles I have been through with her and her chronic urinary tract infections, and her not eating for months, the act of going pee for such a long time and loud enough that I could hear it is cause for celebration.

I am a proud mama and I know that I am doing the right things to keep her healthy. And I know you are thinking, why the hell am I blogging about this. But like I said, I have been struggling to get her on track and healthy and I am so happy that she is, 1) peeing and 2) peeing in her litter box!

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