Monday, July 14, 2008

Another Confession: My name is Ashley and I love Big Brother

Last night another season of Big Brother started. I missed the first 30 minutes because I had no idea that season 10 was starting. Anyways, so far so good. I love this show and I get hopelessly addicted.

Since I missed the first 30 minutes I went to the website tonight to check out the cast bios. I was glad to see a few Texans in there. :) One thing that did surprise me is how many of them credit graduating from college as there biggest accomplishment. Not to be rude, but come on people, graduating from college is not all that hard. Even if you did struggle to get through college, I think people should strive for something better to be their biggest accomplishment. I love school and I love academia, but I, by no means, want my education to be the thing I am most proud of. I hope that my legacy will be remembered for something great that I did or some contribution I made to help society. I would hate it if all people say about me when I'm gone was, well she was a good student.

So Big Brother House Guests, go out and do something good for the world. Don't let a college diploma be your accomplishment.

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Boy & Girl said...

yeah for Big Brother. That's funny about their educations, I had just sort of skimmed over the bios. So glad you stopped by my blog!