Sunday, July 27, 2008

Driving Past the Bar on Sunday Morning

On the way to church every week you have to drive past the local bar, and every week I like to count the number of cars that are still in the parking lot. I do that not to pass judgement on those people, but rather I praise them for making a good choice. I like to think that those people who left their car in the parking lot, made the good choice to not drink and drive. Those people got a sober ride home.

While I know that may not be why those cars are there, it makes me feel better to think that is the reason.

So I am so proud of those 3 people who chose not to drive home drunk last night from Molly's Pub. That is at least 3 lives that were saved.

1 comment:

andrena said...

What a wonderful observation!

I would probably think that there are still folks lingering in the bar from overnight...

but you are so right!!! God bless them for making the right decision!!!