Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reasons I love my Mommy

In honor of her birthday today, I will give some of the many reasons why I have the best mommy in the whole world!
  • She is my Pickle and no one else's
  • She will buy you new jammies if you are sick
  • She always remembers what you don't like to eat (unlike Daddy who always forgets)
  • She comes over to clean my apartment even when she knows its only dirty because I'm lazy.
  • She can make any day special
  • She will always buy you something if it is something she knows you will like
  • She completely redecorates her house at Christmas
  • She puts clean sheets on the bed if you are spending the night
  • She never makes me drive places
  • She will back up your decisions even if she knows it is stupid
  • She thinks Dale Jr.'s radio show is funny
  • She will still brush my hair if I have a knot
  • She doesn't ask (very often!) me to straighten her hair even if she really wants me to
  • She drops everything to help her family
  • She sometimes forgets to use her words and it is too cute when she does
  • She offers to bring me and my friends snacks when we student teach
  • She gets really excited for you when you have something coming up
  • She will let you complain about traffic to her everyday
  • She over-prepares for hurricanes
  • She will give her life for me
  • She loves me completely

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