Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer School Just Might be the Death of Me

Summer session I was awesome even with the research methods class from hell. But Summer II has not been all that fabulous during its first week. I was so over school on Thursday and I was in an awful mood. People are lucky I didn't ram them with my car when I was driving to Clear Lake.

I get to school then I am walking to my class still in my horrible mood. A lady almost runs me over with her minivan, and a dirty look is given. My mood worsens. I am walking all huffy and angry the rest of the way to class. Well apparently my mood had clouded my walking abilities. My foot slipped off my flip flop and twisted in a horribly painful way. Luckily though I didn't fall down and there was no one behind me, thus I regained my composure and limped my way to class. I sat there for the 3 hours and the whole time my foot was swelling and I was thinking to myself that I broke my foot.

When class was over and I stood up to leave, a severe pain ensued. I hobbled to my car with more pain each step. I swear to God I thought I wasn't going to make it to my car.

Anyways, it is now Friday night and my foot is still swollen and I cannot put any weight on it. Now good people, did I break my foot?

I mean seriously who breaks their foot walking in a parking lot?! I think it was me!!

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Lora said...

Could be a stress fracture. Try ice, anti-inflammatory & staying off of it as much as possible. If it is not better in a few days, go get a x-ray.