Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Don't post about your phone company

So apparently if you mention the name of your phone/DSL company on your own blog they will find out and leave you a comment about it. While Embarq_Jenny was perfectly nice, it still creeps me out. How the heck did they know that I mentioned them in a post and that I was somewhat dissatisfied with my service? It is very "big brother is watching"....really odd. So in the future don't mention your utilities companies in a blog post unless you are prepared for them to know about it.

Embarq_Jenny- Thank you for your concern my internet and phone service is up and running now. And as far as my appointment is concerned, no one ever called me. I had to figure it out on my own that I was back in business. But do not fear Embarq_Jenny, I will remain an Embarq customer because well I don't really have any other option and really I am not a dissatisfied customer. :-)

Now if the AT&T Home Entertainment people would like to get in contact with me through this blog, I certainly have something to say to them. Comment away AT&T.

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