Thursday, July 03, 2008

Check out my super cool pics... FYI it took me forever to figure out how to put them in here right

Oh man.... school is drama central lately. I am beginning to realize that Summer sessions for graduate students is just not a good idea. There is too much expected from us and not enough time to properly make necessary changes or seek proper guidance.

But on another note, I survived my trip driving to the medical center. The med center was the easy part, driving down Westeimer on the other hand was an adventure. That road is crazy scary! I got to see parts of Houston that I never see and I even got to go on the main campus at U of H for the first time. I was really pretty impressed with the campus
And the best part of the day was getting to eat at Chuy's!! I love me some Chuy's!!!!!

Also on a positive note I wanted to wear my new brown shirt today and when I was in my closet I saw my pink plaidish Ann Taylor skirt. I grabbed it on a whim thinking that there was NO way it was going to fit. But I slipped it on and it zipped right up!! I was so excited! So excited in fact that I took a picture of me wearing it! :) The pictures turned out really crappy because it was my first attempt at taking a pic of myself in the mirror. I turned off my flash so the pics came out dark.

Me 40 lbs. thinner (weight loss started Jan'08. Please ignore the hanging dirty towels)

Me and Amber at Texas Children's Hospital (The valet guy might have been a worse photographer than me)

Another one of my photography attempts with standing on the toilet and posing in a mirror... yep I'm cool. :)

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Katrina said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Thats awesome! What did you do? I really need to lose a bunch of weight. =)
(btw... got here via blogher.)