Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am such a good student. I have been sitting here at my computer writing my classroom environment paper, which by the way isn't due until next Tuesday, but I am having an ethical dilemma. The assignment calls for determining the strengths and weaknesses of the classroom environment as well as use pictures to determine what areas you would change. Well since I am not in my own classroom, I had to take pictures of my field experience room but I feel guilty for criticizing someone else's classroom. Who am I to judge someone else's choices. I know that the mentor teacher will never read my paper but I still feel guilty. So I have to chose between be nice for the sake of my conscious or doing the paper correctly and being a little harsh. It is a silly problem but it is bothering me. Anyone who has ever been in the school of education at a college knows that the field experience requirements are very imposing on the mentor teacher and her classroom. I just feel like I am such a pest when I am there! I need to get over it because I have to go and the teacher agreed to have me observe in there..... still it is just awkward sometimes.

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