Monday, March 24, 2008

My house is clean, I cannot believe it!! I am seriously the messiest person ever. I know it is terrible to say that but it is the truth. My apartment was messy and filthy and I was totally OK with it. But I am having a house guest this week so it had to be cleaned. Luckily my mommy loves me and came over this morning to help me clean. Now my place looks AWESOME! It is shining!! I had to promise me that I would make a sincere effort to keep it clean. I want to keep it clean, honestly I do. But it is hard to be motivated to clean when the mess doesn't bother me. This idea is completely foreign to my clean freak mother (and I mean "clean freak" in a good way). I need to be a good housekeeper, because like my parents say, "No one will marry you with a messy house"!

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