Friday, March 21, 2008

Warning this post is completely cliche

The Notebook is detrimental to single women. I have been watching this movie tonight and it makes me all weepy and believing that there are fairy tales out there. I truly want a love story like Noah and Allie's that is full of unending romance, love and passion. More importantly I desperately need to believe that a relationship like that can really happen. I have to have faith that it will happen to me. I have told people a thousand times that I am going to be that girl that falls in love at first sight and I will live happily ever after with my romantic loving passionate husband. So please don't tell me that love doesn't happen like it does it The Notebook. I need to believe it.

I leave with some lyrics to my favorite Jonny Diaz song, "Other Guys" (You can get it on iTunes and trust me it is an awesome song for the single ladies)

"So you're looking for a rescue, valiant knight on noble steed Well, did you know that I like horses? Unless that's not quite what you mean. Girl you're looking for a hero and what you're looking for I've got. But if modesty's a turn on. Let me tell you what I'm not. Cause I'm not like those other guys that just hit on you and feed you lines. But may I say you're looking fine tonight? Well, I love my mom and you know I cried when I saw The Notebook seven times but if that is not what you desire, get that out of your mind. Did I tell you you're looking fine tonight?"

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