Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am totally sucking at being a good poster. But my life is incredibly boring, no seriously... BORING. I was hoping to get some quality pool float sun time this week, but it is typical Texas weather and it looks like it will be storm central here. So much for a Spring Break tan, well a natural tan... because don't you worry, Darque Tan here I come. Orange is the new tan, right?

So the remaining days of my break will be filled with paper writing, journal writing, and powerpoint presentation... grad school sucks sometimes. See this picture is my crazy homework face... pity me... hahaha... not really.... but too much homework really makes me feel crazy!

Oh boy here I go with my teenage whining again...

Enough... Stop....Go Be Productive....

, that was my pep talk.... I feel better already :)

Prayer Requests:

- My Mom

-I need a part time job

- Bobe


-Pops staying happy

- School issues




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