Saturday, March 08, 2008

OK so this blog is going to jump from when I graduated from Baylor in December of 2004 to now. Lots of things have happened since then. Here is a quick list of what.
  • Moved to Mooresville, North Carolina in 2005- Moved back to Texas in August of 2007. I love North Carolina but Texas is my home and where my family is.
  • I spent 2 misguided years working at Enterprise Rent-a-Car and now I am following my passion.
  • I began working on my Master's degree in Aug of 2007
  • I want to be a Pre-K teacher or work for Early Intervention Services here in Kingwood.

I learned a lot from my two years away from home but I am so glad to be back near my family. Right now, I am just trying to concentrate on what God is doing in my life and wait for for what he has in store for me next.

I have recently become a lurker on a lot of blogs, so I have resurrected my old blogger account from college so I am comment on those blogs and not be a scary anon. poster.

These blogs I have been reading are so inspiring, funny, entertaining, and a true testament to living life according to God's will. I am hoping to do the same with my blog. My life is by no means interesting, exciting, or tragic, but I do live my life daily struggling to be a righteous Christian woman.

I hope that if anyone who stumbles onto this blog will read it and see that I am just doing my best and living life with what I got. And if anyone who reads the older parts of this blog, remember that I was in college and young...and pretty ridiculous. Don't judge me by my college posts! :)

Oh and FYI, I am the worst speller. And spell check doesn't always catch my mistakes! And I have added AdSense because I am a full time student living off student loans. Any little bit of extra money that could come my way would be a blessing and keep me out of bankruptcy. If you see something interesting, then click on them, but if you don't then don't click.

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